Akis was born and raised in Preveza, Greece. He graduated from Roula Christopoulou’s School of Hair and Beauty in Patras, with honours, having specialized in the categories of Women’s Haircuts and Technical Services, Men’s and Children’s Haircuts, Makeup and Beauty, while he also received a commendation for his ethics, diligence and performance. In 1998 he returned home, to Preveza, where he started his professional path by opening a hair salon, named Akis Coiffure that, after some years, was renamed to Akis Hair & Face Spa, as it is known today.

Every year, thousands of people visit the salon, where Akis attends to their haircuts, hair coulour, their simple, everyday hairstyles and the more elaborate wedding updos. His life is shared between Athens and Preveza, due to his professional obligations.

He has attended several seminars of hairdressing and beauty, and also photography seminars, both in Greece and abroad; he has also received several distinctions. The most important distinctions are: the 4th place he took during the European Festival Of Hairdressing Art in Athens, in 2004, among 34 countries, and the 1st place he conquered during the Panhellenic Trend Vision Award that was organized in Athens in 2005, among 188 teams, which was also his ticket to representing Greece at the respective International Competition in Paris, where he took the 4th place among 84 competing countries. At some point or another he has collaborated with almost all of the Greek Top Models (Evelina Papantoniou, Antzela Euripidi, Marietta Chroussala, Marina Tsintikidou, and others), and at the same time he has collaborated with many Greek actors and singers, from the entire spectrum of the Greek showbiz.

However, his artistic nature would not allow him to remain in only one domain and so he started, since he was 14 years old, dabbling with photography. His passion on the subject led him to several seminars and after years of hard work he has achieved his dream of being a photographer. Many of his shots and even entire photoshoots have been published in Vogue Italy, as well as other, Greek and international fashion magazines. During his photoshoots he prefers doing the styling and makeup, as well as the editing, on his own. He prefers to not work in a studio, being an avid lover of outside takes and takes in buildings, favouring the natural light and almost always using it during shoots.

Akis is also part of the team of the well-known diary called “Greeks Come True” where, during the first year, he was one of the photographers, and now works as a permanent collaborator, supervising the models and casting, as well as handles the backstage photoshoots.

For 2017 and 2018, he was the Technical Hair Stylist for the company VIP by Cosmedicare, handling, among others, the presentations of the products on television. On May 20th 2018 he collaborated with the beer Salitos, based in Germany, for which he handled the hair and styling, as well as the backstage photoshoots, for their commercial, which was shot in Greece. In addition, in 2017 and 2018 he did the advertising campaing for the LORD underwear.

These days, Akis has a very large team of models that he works with, models that ask him to be their manager but, due to a lack of time, he has not gotten around to handling that aspect One of his plans for the future, though, is to have his own model agency one day.

Hairdressing Awards

 18//10/2004: Trend Vision Award by Wella – 1st place

 28/11/2004: International Trend Vision Award by Wella I, Paris – 4th place

 12-13/06/2005: 3rd International Festival of Hairdressing Art, OMC European Tournament, Athens Cup Open: Women's Hairdressing – 3rd place Full Fashion Look – 2nd place Women’s, Adult – 3rd place Full Fashion Total Look, Adult – 1st place  Color Trophy Street Fashion 2000 By Loreal – 3rd place

 16/05/2005 :1st Hairdressing Festival of Peloponnese - Full Fashion Look – 1st place

 Color Trophy Loreal 1999: 4th place

 Color Category Diploma by Wella 2012: 4th place


Hairdressing shows (organized by Akis)

 01/08/1999 - Hair Style and Model Show

 11/06/2003 - Hair Style and Model Show 2

 24/03/2004 - Kiss My Art

 10/08/2011 - Space Angels

 22/07 2012 - Fashion Show JC & Models Only Agency & Akis Coiffure


Collaborations with magazines


 LIFESTYLE AGENDA (Online, where he also writes tips about hair and fashion tips; at the same time he maintains a contract with the magazine for the back cover of every issue, plus 4 covers a year)

 ELEGANT MAGAZINE (print) (where his work has been on 4 covers and there is a feature about him, from 9 to 40 pages, in almost every issue).






 Bevie (print)

 EN VIE (Online; the issue of December 2016 included a feature on Akis, as well as his interview) 

 IMIREGE (print)

 INT Elegant (print)

 RION (print)

 SUREAL (print)

 Vogue Italia has published over 210 of his photos on their website, 12 of which are in the Best Of category.

 Cool Singapore Magazine



Photography competitions

 Photo Competition of photoCYPRUS and SAPI 2013

 SAPI Monochrome – 1st place

 SAPI Nature and Wildlife – 2nd place

 SAPI Portaiture – 1st and 2nd place

 SAPI Street – 1st place

 SAPI Word Spring Competition 2014

 SAPI Fashion and Glamour – 1st place



 L'Oréal Diploma Hair World, Berlin 2000

 Wella Diploma Trend Vision, 2001

 Wella Global Education Diploma Bundy Bundy, 2004

 Wella Color Symphony Diploma, 2006

 Wella Friseur Service Diploma, Free Style, 2010

 Wella Colour Diploma, every year from 2012 - 2019